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Crisis and Moral Injury: Supporting Healthcare Personnel

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A one-hour awareness session that provides practical takeaways in a flexible timeframe
  • 1 Hour
  • Seminar
  • General Audience


30 minute webinar or pre-recorded webinar

Audience: For doctors, nurses, first responders, medical staff, peer support to medical front line staff including psychologists, social workers, crisis hotline workers and clinical leaders.

In crisis, high-pressure situations, medical personnel and staff are exposed to or asked to follow out of the ordinary measures. These include for example, rationing of care and decision-making around who receives care in limited resource situations. Medical personnel can find these directives to be in direct conflict with their own personal moral belief systems and this can lead to the occurrence of moral injury. Persistence in this state of moral injury can lead to mental health outcomes such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and an inability to provide the best quality of care of patients. This training provides practical, easy to apply techniques to challenge persistence in this state and return persons to a healthy state of functioning.


A 1-hour instructor led training session that combines lecture elements with a variety of engaging elements like Q&A, group discussion, as well as polling and chat functionality when delivered virtually