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Transgender support program

A multi-phased program that supports a transition in the workplace
  • Hourly
  • Specialized Programs
  • Employees and People Leaders


A transgender individual is a person whose personal sense of gender does not coincide with their birth gender. Whether the employee has already made the transition to their true gender or the employee is transitioning on the job, it is important to understand what the best practices are for managing any workplace implications.

We recommend an approach which centres on helping employees and organizations develop enhanced awareness, and respect of transgender issues. No matter what industry or job function, we can help make the transition for the employee and your organization a smooth one.

One of our subject matter experts will act as a dedicated consultant to your organization, assessing needs, meeting with and supporting the transitioning/transitioned, employee coaching people leaders and providing sensitivity training for your people.

Workplace impact

  • Allows the transitioning/transitioned individual to provide key input into the education and communication to the team.
  • Increases the appreciation of difference and the value that diversity brings to a team.
  • Education about transgender issues raises awareness and understanding, and reduces stigma.
  • Fosters a psychologically safe and healthy workplace.


Delivered in three parts, the total program duration is determined by a number of factors, including readiness of the transitioning/transitioned individual, number of participants, and where the organizations is at with support. Indication of program timing will be determined after the initial consultations with the individual and Human Resources.

Part I: Meeting with the employee

One of our subject matter experts will meet and consult with the employee. Together, they discuss and contribute to the education and awareness process and message that will be delivered to the workplace. The consultant will coach and support the employee transitioning/transitioned employee, and will determine his or her level of comfort in handling questions from colleagues.

Part II: Meeting with Human Resources and people leaders

The consultant will provide education about transgender issues and the transition process to select Human Resources contacts and people leaders at the organization. The corporate policy on diversity, and harassment will be reviewed. Part II will conclude with a meaningful discussion on conversations that may be had within the workplace.

Part III: People leader and employee training

The program concludes with training provided to larger management and employee groups. This session provides definitions, explains legislations/ policy, and dispels myths about transgend issue. A safe forum is created in which participants can ask questions and discuss how to deal with concerns and/or negative feelings. A review of corporate policy on diversity, tolerance, and harassment closes the session with reminder of existing supports available.

Session group size should ideally not exceed 20 participants. Additional workplace learning solution opportunities can be recommended addressing topics such as diversity, sanctity and team cohesiveness.