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Workplace Mental Health Leadership™ Certificate Program

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A three-module certificate program for your leaders that blends both self-directed e-learning and instructor-led components
  • Full-day
  • Specialized Programs
  • People Leaders


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The Workplace Mental Health Leadership™ certificate program
is the first of its kind in Canada, developed in partnership with the Bell Canada Mental Health and Anti-Stigma Research Chair and Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen’s University.

Nearly all working Canadians experience mental health issues that affect their ability to remain productive and focused on the job. Controlling the associated costs and risks is an important focus for every organization, but what about the human impact of mental health in the workplace?

People leaders play a pivotal role; employees who describe their relationships with their leaders as positive and supportive experience:

  • Improved mental health (as well as health in general).
  • Lower rates of absenteeism.
  • Higher levels of engagement.
  • Greater productivity.

The practical framework and leadership skills introduced in the program align with evidence-based and industry best practices, including the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. This certificate program showcases organizational leadership and commitment to a mentally healthy workplace, through best practices and innovative solutions.


This certificate program is available privately for an organization as well as publicly for individuals to attend. For private sessions, our facilitators come to your organization and deliver the program to groups of up to 25 people leaders. In public sessions, individuals from various organizations attend a similarly small-group session.

To register as an individual for a public session, click here for more information and dates

The program is designed for people leaders and consists of two half-day instructor-led workshops (delivered in person or virtually), three e-learning modules, and three online exams. Click the links below to see the structure of each option:

In-person program:
Two half-day in-person workshops with online review and exams between after each  workshop
One full-day in-person workshop followed by self-directed eLearning review and exams


Virtual program:
Two half-day virtual classroom workshops with eLearning review and exams after each
One full-day virtual classroom workshop followed by self-directed eLearning review and exams


Modules and Courses

Over the course of three modules, participants will explore the ever-expanding business case for mental health in the workplace. This includes an improved understanding of relevant legal, ethical and business concerns. This certification program also supports the development of empathetic and solution-focused leadership skills, which can be transferred to a variety of professional settings and situations.

Module I: Introduction to a Mentally Healthy Workplace and the Leader’s Role in Early Intervention

Module I provides an overview of the topic from a health and business perspective, including: the importance of good mental health, understanding the leader’s role and business case for promoting a mentally healthy workplace, an exploration of common mental health problems and observable warning signs, the impact of negative stereotypes and stigma, as well as strategies for supporting mental health and resiliency. It also also explores the role of perception on stress levels.

Module II: The Leader’s Role in Recovery and Return to Work

This module drills down to take a more in-depth look at the leader’s role and accountability for addressing behaviour and performance issues where mental health issues may be present. Leaders will be encouraged to develop practical skills for addressing behaviour and performance issues, balancing the needs of the employee, team and business. The module will consider some of the legal, business and human considerations, such as accommodation, to help support performance during the recovery and return to work periods.

Module III: Promoting a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Based on the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, this module provides leaders with foundational leadership practices to promote a mentally healthy workplace. Leaders will be encouraged to consider some of the factors, as well as their scope of influence over workplace behaviours, norms and practices that contribute to a mentally healthy workplace.