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Build a resilient workplace culture for the future of work with Workplace Learning.

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Creating mentally healthy workplaces

As a global leader in mental health and wellbeing, we put wellness and resiliency at the heart every learning experience to shape the behaviours that lead to psychologically safe and healthy workplace culture.

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Respect, diversity and inclusion in the workplace

A respectful, diverse and inclusive culture is critical to organizational success. It helps drive innovation and performance. Unlock the potential of your people and workplace with our award-winning programme.

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Effective leadership development

Our leadership programmes help managers and people leaders develop their skills and abilities with a focus on mental health and wellbeing. This gives them the competitive edge needed to lead the future of work.

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8,000+ Training activities delivered every year
1,100+ Clients across all industries
200K+ Employees trained every year
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Frequently asked Questions

Can I attend training as an individual?

While we do offer regular public training events, most of our training is targeted to groups and organizations. If you are interested in bringing any of our training to your organization, contact us for more information.

What is the cost of your training?

The costs for our training varies by length and topic, and is typically based on a standard group (rather than per participant). Connect with one of our consultants to discuss how we can work within your organization’s budget to deliver the training you need.

Is your training delivered live?

We offer a variety of training options to meet different needs. Our catalogue of seminars and workshops are all designed to be delivered live (either in person, or virtually) by one of our qualified facilitators. We also offer a variety of self-directed, online options such as eLearning, and LifeSpeak on demand.

Our organization has its Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) with TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks). Is there preferred pricing for existing clients?

We often have promotions and preferred pricing for existing clients and partners of our organization. Check in with us for more information.

Do you deliver training in languages other than English?

All of our training content is available in English and French. We may also be able to accommodate other language requests as needed (and often do!).

Where do you deliver training?

We are able to accommodate training globally, either in a virtual setting or in person. For in-person training, we maintain a network of facilitators globally in most major cities who can deliver engaging training on-site at your workplace.

Do you offer your training virtually?

We deliver all of our training in-person as well as virtually. We will work with you to choose the training platform that is right for the content we are delivering, as well as your organization.