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Communicating effectively as a manager

A 1.5 hour workshop for leaders that builds foundational knowledge as well as leadership-specific skills in a small-group setting
  • 1.5 Hours
  • Workshop
  • People Leaders



Most organizations or departments consistently identify improving communication as a strategic goal. Differing communication styles, excessive use of jargon, and a failure to connect messages with organizational goals or priorities are among the many challenges that can lead to communication breakdowns. Although managers often believe they are effective communicators, many do not evaluate their communication style from the perspective of their employees. What is it like for employees to work for their manager? What do employees need their manager to stop, start, or continue doing to communicate more effectively?

This workshop helps managers identify how personality preference influences the use of differing workplace communication styles. Using a combination of lecture, large group discussion, and case study application, participants will practice how to become a more balanced and effective communicator by using techniques that help create clear and specific messages reflecting organizational goals and priorities.


LifeWorks Learning workshops go beyond awareness, and allow participants to practice and engage with the topic. Facilitated in small groups, participants can expect learning activities like small-group discussion, breakout rooms, role-play, scenario-based learning – as well as more standard elements like Q&A, polling and chat functionality.